The Pace Race

Date: 2013-09-07
Minimum group size 1 | Maximum group size 7
Cost: Varies according to team size

 Download The Pace Race Course Packet Here!
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Ok guys, here's how it works. Imagine yourself with 6 of your closest friends, 50 miles worth of gorgeous canyon running, and the chance of walking away with $500 cash! Not too bad of a Saturday afternoon, right?

Here's the twist. This is a team relay event where the $500 cash prize does not go to the fastest finishing team. Instead, the team who finishes closest to exactly 7:00pm will be declared the winners. You decide the start time, you decide the pace.

The only rule is that there will be no timing devices or music players allowed on the course. Our course monitors will be very strict about this and will not hesitate to disqualify participants if there is reason to believe that someone is cheating.

Teams can consist of anywhere between 1-7 members. That way if you're feeling particularly crazy you can run the whole 50 miles by yourself! Or if you're sane like the rest of us you can round up a group of friends and make it a party!

Each participant will also receive a personal goody bag of “The Pace Race” memorabilia. Registration prices will adjust according to team size as follows.

Team of 7- $200 ($28.57 each)
Team of 6- $180 ($30.00 each)
Team of 5- $150 ($30.00 each)
Team of 4- $120 ($30.00 each)
Team of 3- $100 ($33.33 each)
Team of 2- $80 ($40.00 each)
Team of 1- $60

 Download The Pace Race Course Packet Here!



"Can't wait for this September! Bring on The Pace Race!



"I referred a friend who made a team. With the 50% discount that gave us, our team of 7 cost us $100. Doesn't get much cheaper than that."online essays